Selling your company

We assist you in selling your company.

  • Determine the selling strategy together with the owner or the shareholders of the company.
  • Search for an adequate prospective customer.
  • Draw up a company profile.
  • Draw up a detailed company memorandum (sales brochure).
  • Evaluate your company in line with branch characteristics and trends.
  • Address potential customers.
  • Draw up all necessary documents and coordinate all data checks by potential customers.
  • Coordinate the cooperation with accountants, tax consultants and lawyers etc. as required for the transaction.
  • Lead the negotiations.

Buying an enterprise

We assist you in the acquisition of an enterprise.

  • Determine the buying strategy with the customer.
  • Search for an adequate company by means of prior criteria.
  • Address the companies.
  • Evaluate adequate companies.
  • Prepare the transaction and coordinate the cooperation with accountants, tax consultants and lawyers etc.
  • Lead the negotiations.

Company valuation

We prepare the valuation of your company.

The seller or buyer of an enterprise has different conceptions concerning the purchase price. A fundamental company valuation is an elementary pre-requisite for the successful conclusion of an M&A transaction particularly with regard to different price ranges.

A company valuation is primarily a document, which not only consists of financial data, valuation methods and multiples but rather a standard basis for argumentation. Apart from the financial data and the interaction of the valuation methods, essential information about management, employees, products, technical equipment, business knowledge and customers should be considered.
The Enayat M&A Consulting GmbH supplies this argumentation basis to the clients by creating a company valuation and represents its point of view to the potential buyer or the seller, if the client so wishes .

In our experience, we have come across instances where the entrepreneurs were not fully aware of their company’s worth. The decision concerning a sale of a company or another solution can be made easier by providing a company valuation.
We will be happy to make you an offer for the preparation of a fundamental company valuation.